X Large Pack Wild Australia 6 Section Heat/Cold Pack (46cm x 30cm)


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All our Heat/cold packs are made in Australia using Designer on trend 100% cotton fabrics and are filled with locally grown lupins.

They are packed full of benefits
- Wheat Free
- Odour Free so you can relax and not have that lingering smell like wheat does
- Chemical Free
- Doesn't sweat when heated so you wont get that wet feeling!
- Lighter than wheat and retains heat longer
- Can be placed in the freezer as a cold pack
- keeps you warm in winter or cool in summer

This heat pack is our XL Pack 46 cm x 30cm which has been designed to cover more area at once and is great for across the tummy or back sectioned into 6 segments so that you receive an even heat.
Heating and cooling instructions are provided with your purchase so you can get the safest and best benefit from your pack